Boost Your B2B Transactions with Jenfi's Instant Buy Now Pay Later Service

Enable seamless checkouts with just a link or QR code; no integration required. Unleash the potential of flexible payments with BNPL by Jenfi.

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“Jenfi’s BNPL allowed us to modernize to offer our clients the option of paying for their purchases on credit.”


Buy Now, Pay Later Simplified, No Integration Needed

As a business, we understand that sometimes your customers need flexible payment options but you may lack the resources for a quick integration. Why should you have to wait? With BNPL, you don’t have to.
Credit PaymentsWithout Jenfi BNPL
Sound familiar?
Credit request100/% online, takes 5 minutesLong and tedious process
Response TimeIn less than 24 hoursSeveral days
RiskZero - Jenfi assumes all riskHigh - you risk your capital
CollectionKontempo is in chargeOperational load for your team
Credit limitUp to 3x avg monthly purchase1x monthly average purchase
Boost your sales
Offer flexible payments to attract more customers and increase your sales volume.
Instant Activation
Start offering Buy Now, Pay Later immediately with our no-integration, hassle-free setup.
Resource Efficiency
Provide excellent payment experiences while focusing tech resources on more critical tasks.
Streamline Transactions
Experience smoother B2B transactions with our Buy Now, Pay Later service.


As easy as sending a payment link

Share a link

Send a payment link by WhatsApp to your customer every time you want to collect an order.

get paid

Your customer chooses to pay cash or credit. You always receive the funds the same day, regardless of whether the operation was cash or credit.

How does it work?

Transform the payment options you offer your customers in 3 simple steps.

Buyer Upload

Configure the platform with the brand of your company

Choose the terms you want to offer your customers when they pay on credit.

Seller Contact

Load the information of your clients through a fast and secure connection.

The platform will automatically indicate the clients that can already access a line of credit.

Jenfi pays now, buyer pays later!

Send payment links to your customers every time you want to process the payment of an order.

Whether the customer chooses to pay cash or credit, you receive the funds on the same day.


Choose the option that best suits your company.

Payment link

Your sales team sends a payment link to the customer by WhatsApp or by email. The customer chooses to pay for the order in cash or on credit.

Integration into your B2B eCommerce

Integrate Jenfi BNPL by API or Hosted Checkout and your client will be able to select cash or credit payment at the Checkout of your B2B online store.

You are 5 minutes away from offering the same benefit to your customers

Easy and fast implementation
Training included