Unlock Growth Capital With Jenfi's B2B Invoice Financing

Access upfront cash and improve cash flow by getting paid early on outstanding invoices. Completely online, fast and flexible.

Free Up Your Cash Resources With B2B Buy Now, Pay Later

Cash flow is the fuel for business growth. But even well-run companies can face liquidity shortages from outstanding B2B invoices. Jenfi provides the ideal solution – Our Buy Now, Pay Later bridges cash flow gaps and provides capital to invest in your business now.

Instant Payment

Turn your outstanding B2B invoices into instant cash with Jenfi’s fast, easy online invoice financing.

Optimize Resources

Let Jenfi handle buy now, pay later financing so you can allocate resources to more crucial business needs.

Improve Cash Flow

Delay payment up to 90 days, improve cash flow, and allocate resources strategically.

Expanding Your Reach Across Asia

From Singapore to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan and more. Become a part of the B2B Buy Now, Pay Later movement in Asia.

How it works

Just 3 simple steps:

Upload Your Invoice

Upload your B2B invoices on our secure system and get approval within 24 hours.

Jenfi Pays Now

Jenfi pays 100% of the B2B invoice value in advance to the Seller (minus discount costs) immediately after you get approval.

Flexible Payments

Pay later with tailored plans, based on your business type, with terms of 30-60-90 days

Expand Your Reach

Unlock the power of the Asian market with many new B2B orders.

Consolidate Your Transactions

Experience simpler B2B transactions with Jenfi’s Buy Now, Pay Later service.

Risk-Free Growth

Grow your business confidently while we handle the associated risks of payment terms.

Grow Your Business With Confidence